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With more than 14 years of experience in the trade, our electrician perth expert know everything there is to know about getting the job done right the first time. Whether you want a fully insured commercial electrician, a domestic electrician Perth resident like you can rely on, or you just want someone to call at short notice, we’ve got you covered

Electrician Perth Expert

How can we help you

$50 off

Commercial Electrician

Every now and then, our businesses would require that we get a commercial electrician to take care of any issues we face. This can especially be true if we are living in Perth. Searching for a commercial electrician in Perth used to be a stressful and time-consuming process…

$200 off

Residential Electrician

When you are searching for an electrician Perth homeowners can rely on, it’s difficult to know whom to ask for help. As a homeowner, you want to ensure that your work is done to the safest and highest of standards and that it doesn’t overrun so that you are left without power.

Best Electricians in Perth!

If you Google ‘electrician near me’ or electrician Perth you’ll get more results than you know what to do with. With so many people moving into the industry, it still pays to go with experience every single time. Here’s why you can rely on Electrician Perth Group.

  • The expertise that gets the job done right the first time, every time
  • Reliable and dependable so your job never gets delayed
  • Honest and transparent pricing that ensures you pay for what you need, and nothing more
  • Flexible approach to work that takes care of emergencies, custom projects, and one-off fittings

The Team Businesses Can Trust

When you’re running a business, you can’t afford to lose money to costly delays and downtime, which is why we make sure you don’t have to.

By planning your job from start to finish before we even get onsite, our team ensures that everything runs smoothly, and is completed to the highest standards. That way you never have to delay because something wasn’t done right the first time.

Our happy customers

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This month we have a special promotion!

All our electricians have fully stocked vans!

We have a fully stocked vehicle in our Electrical company in Perth and they are well equipped with all the required equipment to serve you at your location in Perth and another location is various parts around Perth.

All you need to do now is to give us a call and your jobs whether big or small will be handled and catered for. We also endeavor to work safely making good use of all the necessary precautions in case of recent accidents. We also work efficiently and we promise to meet your needs with our we planned and thoughtful customer service policy.

Various specialties of our Perth Electricians

  • Residential Electrician Perth

Our Electrical team which is trained and certified to specialize in residential electrical problems are qualified and you can completely trust them.  They can handle whatever task to throw at them effectively and efficiently. Our Perth Electricians are trained to handle outdoor lighting systems for various homes and also handle rewiring and other maintenance and repair of electrical appliances in the home.

They also help people with your smoke alarms, lighting, wiring, electrical outlets, and other connections. Why not contact our company Electrician Perth Group and a team or a Perth Electrician could be sent to help you out of with your problem. 

  • Commercial Electrician Perth

We also have a team of well trained and seasoned Perth Electricians, with the ability to work with your direct order and guidelines to meet all your electrical requirement. We have over the years worked with the various manager and contractors of top companies and if you want to work with us why not Contact us and your exact specifications will be met as and at when due. We are ever ready at Electrical Company Perth to serve you better and we will go the extra mile to meet your needs far better than other Electrical Companies Perth.

  • Emergency Electrician Perth

Electricity can both be an angel and the devil, a blessing and a curse. It could be that what we need for everyday life can sometimes be very unpredictable and when this happens it is very dangerous. Sometimes these electrical problems can occur at a different time, not the day.  It could be when you are sleeping, when you are at work, in the bright early morning or when you are leaving from the day’s job.  This shows just how important a 24-hour electrical company is.

  • Experienced Perth Electricians

Our experienced Perth Electricians always ready 24 hours a day even giving up their family time to ensure that you are completely safe round the clock. If you work with us you can be sure that you can have a measure of safety and security and electrical faults and problems will not just be a problem for you.

We have all been taught that Electricity doesn’t play by the rules, and at times can be a big problem. Our services can indeed help you.

Further services

  • We offer to you a well and fully insured and licensed electrical service.
  • We also provide thorough clean up after the job is completed
  • Topnotch reliable service
  • Fast quick answer service

Our Perth electricians provide services such as,

  • Very new and upgraded power points and data points services
  • Residential electrical services and also commercial devices

Whenever you have a problem you need to do is to call us and our electricians Perth Experts will be willing to talk with you about your electrical problem and explain how it is going to be fixed.

Our services further include

  • Installation of power points and we also help you to upgrade your power point.
  • We also help you install various kinds of lights at various locations of your house
  • We so help you carry out repairs on your ovencookers and many more. We also can installs ovenshotplate,range hoods, dishwashers, and any other electrical work you want us to do.
  • We also help you fix safety switches in various parts of the house. This is very important because the law requires that this is installed in every house or workplace.
  • We also help to fix in your buildings law required smoke alarms which are must in all bindings.
  • We also help you to upgrade your switchboards and also replace worn out or faulty fuses. This is very important because of the sensitive nature of these boards.
  • We also devise means to help protect you from unplanned power surges which could damage your televisions and personal computers and other households” appliances.
  • We will fix ceiling fans in your house or your workplace and also exhaust fans to reduce molds in your house.
  • We will fix heat lamps which would provide you with the necessary warmth you require. We also help you with heat lamps in your bathroom to provide warmth for you.


There might be a lot of electrical problems which may pop up from time to time it is important to know why you can so and what you cannot do.  Sometimes if it is c something small you may need to speak to one of our electricians from “Electrician Perth Group” to receive the much-needed advice before you proceed. In case of bigger problems the combined years of experience from our electrician Perth in our Perth electrical company makes us the ideal first point of call in case of an emergency. Our electrician in Perth do not jump right into work, we first provide a quote which explains all that is required with the possible eventuality that could come up needed to carry out the job.  The Perth Electrician endeavor to explain everything to you and why he is going to be doing this or that before he carries out your job.


Our electrician Perth tradesman are licensed and qualified after receiving enough training. We also check with the police to ensure that our electricians are trustworthy. Our electricians in Perth  would no doubt guarantee you of respect for you,  your property and your family at all times.


We ensure round the clock service for you and we make sure we have at least an electrician in Perth always available to respond quickly to help you fix your problem.


We set our fees for our top quality service based on the set standard for electrical work contracting and we do not charge any more than that. Sometimes we could add some very reasonable charges for work at odd hours and in case you have an emergency. Sometimes we could also charge some extra chargers for work on public holidays and Sundays. So irrespective of unplanned situations which may cost you a little bit extra, our fees structure is so selected to align with the standard.


After our work is done, we train our Perth electricians at “Electrician Perth Group” to always carry out thorough cleaning, a vacuum where necessary and wipe off dust and dirt where necessary. As such the work area is just left spotless and many times you may never know that someone had worked in such a place. 


Over the years we have stood out as one of the best electrical companies Perth has available today. We have succeeded in gaining a reputation as a top provider of the very best kind of service you can’t find anywhere else.  We have succeeded in gaining a reputation for hard work,  honesty, and diligence. We have no plans of coming down from the lofty expectations of many of customers. Due to this fact, we always and would continue to provide the best kind of service and would never let you down.


We offer many of our services at a fixed rate and our charges are always stated up front before our work starts. We always favor you by not charging too much like most of the other Electrical companies Perth does. We always charge for our services with a fixed coast.  Our Perth Electricians are comfortable with quoting only a small amount. We are always ready to be of service even if your house is old or new.

Our upfront fixed prices help and make it easier for most of our clients to book a job. This is because our prices make it easier for clients to have peace of mind as regards to our prices.

We only use top notch brands like clipsal, and HPM for all our electrical jobs in Perth!

You have the opportunity to look through the list of electrical services we have and then you can see various electrical jobs we provide and how much each of them will cost you.  This makes it easier for you to know about our services and how much we charge. For services that a slightly more complex you have an opportunity to explain directly to us what you actually need and send plus details of what the job may require. We would make use of the information you provide to grant you a quote and also reach you with further information that you so require.


Our Perth Electricians working hard in our Electrical company in Perth can help you solve problems you may have with your electrical wiring or setup which could be very difficult to find. Sometimes you may be in a situation where your electrical continue to trip out on its own. Our troubleshooting services enable and help you find this problem. Contact us today for a FREE no obligations quote!

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