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Even if you plan to hire a residential electrician to work on your home, you still need to be aware of the basic faults that can easily start a fire, and potentially cost the life of a loved one. To bring yourself up to speed, take a look at the 7 electrical mistakes everyone should avoid.

Overcrowded Electrical Boxes                                                                                                            

Electrical boxes have been designed the way they are for a very good reason. They can contain dozens of wires, each of which can be carrying a large electrical current, and dissipating a significant quantity of heat. Overcrowding a box may seem like a good idea at the time, but it’s something any reputable electrician in Perth will warn against due to the greatly increased risk of fire.

Doing Away With Electrical Boxes to Save Money

When it comes to electrical safety, cutting corners to save money is always a false economy. You may be put off by the price of installing new electrical boxes, but they cost what they cost because of the expertise that goes into making them safe to use.

Failing to Secure Live Wires

Clamps and strain relief devices are essential if you want to ensure the integrity of your electrical connections. It’s never worth rushing to finish a couple of minutes early, only to leave a weak or poorly secured connection.

Using the Wrong Wire Gauges

Different currents require specific wire gauges because they will create vastly different amounts of heat. Looking up the correct gauge, and sticking to it throughout the duration of an installation is something any commercial or residential electrician will do.

Cutting Wires too Short

It’s always frustrating when you cut a right too short, but you need to start again and get the length right if you’re going to do the job right. Short wires put unnecessary strain on the connection, and can easily be the source of fires or arcing.

Improper Grounding

Grounding is a subtle art to get right, which is precisely why you should always find a reputable residential electrician to work on your home. Improper grounding can cause ground loops, unintentionally put other wires and surfaces live, and be a danger to life.

Poorly Fixed Switches and Outlets

Rushing the installation of a switch or power outlet will likely result in it being poorly secured to the wall. This places unnecessary strain on the internal connections, and can greatly increase the risk of intermittent connections, arcing, and fires.

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